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Fri May 18 18:03:11 PDT 2007

We actually stick with Morotolas. I have had a few different makes, and the
Motorola is by far the most durable and reliable.

But I do agge with sticking with the big 3...we get reception everywhere,
even in the boonies and high in the mountains where others don;t get
reception. We're with Cingular. We even had reception in Jamaica ;)


On 5/17/07, Paul Gilbert <niklas at pbgilbert.net> wrote:
> Hi....
> Being one that deals with this stuff in my job, I would suggest the
> following....
> 1. Don't use T-Mobile.
> Their coverage is spotty and their overall penetration of markets is
> very poor. They do fair in metro areas, but have little coverage in the
> rural areas or off the major highways.
> 2. Pick one of the big 3...Verizon, Sprint, Cingular (ATT).
> I use Sprint and have the no roaming charges plan. If you use cellular
> data, they are one of the better ones also... as you can get near T-1
> speeds with them when you are in their data network coverage.
> Quiz the vendor very closely on the roaming charges. What some vendors
> call roaming is you using it someplace else other than you local area
> and will tell you there are no roaming charges.
> Roaming is when you are on another providers network cause you are out
> of range of your providers network.
> The choice of phones is getting better also. The Sanyos are good. Stay
> away from the Mote-Holees (Motorola). LG is another one to avoid.
> Samsung is ok. Check Consumer Reports on the phones. They are a fair
> source of test data.
> 3. Get 20% more minutes per month than what you think you will use.
> If you have an overage in your plan, they will stick it to you at the
> rate of as much as 40 cents per minute. That adds up real! fast. The 20%
> extra per month in minutes will be a cheap buffer.
> 4. Of all the networks, ATT has by far the largest. But they are still
> trying (and failing in many areas) to merge the ATT GSM network with the
> Cingular GSM network. The problem is they use different infrastructures
> and the switches do not talk to each other. This is a big issue and is
> requiring fork-lift upgrades in a bunch of ATT's markets.
> 5. Of the technologies that are used by cellular companies, I personally
> prefer CDMA. ATT, T-Mobile, several Mom-Pop systems use GSM (it's
> cheaper and easier to maintain). The bit sampling rate on GSM is not as
> good as CDMA and thus the audio is not as good. CDMA is used by Sprint
> and Verizon, All-Tel and a few others. Ask the vendors, they should
> know. If they don't, go else where.
> As far as customer service goes...they all suck. However, Verzion seems
> to have (IMHO) the best, Sprint next with ATT last.
> By all means stay away from Nextel (better known in my circles as "Next
> Try"). Their network only covers the major highways and metro areas and
> is nearly non-existent in the rural and West Texas areas.
> Don't believe a single thing that the marketing and ad people say. They
> all drop calls. They (all the providers) are very happy if they achieve
> a 90% call completion rate. That means 90% of their calls go thru, ring
> and someone answers. That does not include how long you talk or that you
> then shortly drop the call.
> Some final words of cellular wisdom...
> Don't take the free phone. They are free for a reason...their junk.
> Get a middle tier phone. And get the insurance. If you loose the phone
> or it gets damage where it won't work, you will have to pay at least
> $150 for what would be for a new customer, the free phone. The
> warranties do not cover dropping them in that ditch of water or leaving
> them on top of your car as you drive away (or for that matter, slamming
> the hood of a truck on a 3 day old Palm Treo 700p...hummmmm).
> For $5 to 7 a month, its worth it, especially if you get something like
> a Treo 700 or high end phone.
> Be sure they have a 30 day test or try out period with a no cost bail
> out clause and get it in writing. If it does not work where you want it
> to, take it back and try another one.
> Shop around on dealers. The company stores do not always have the best
> deals. READ! the fine print. Always remember that if the vendors mouth
> is moving they are most likely lying.
> And most of all....preference in cellular providers is like car
> brands.... it's a religious argument.
> In Service,
> Niklas
> Mike Gideon wrote:
> > Greetings,
> > I have a rather modern question. I'm considering a different cellular
> service. I currently only have a choice of US Cellular (which I have) and
> Cellular One/Alltell. T-Mobile is becoming available in our area and offers
> some interesting phones and services, but I would like some input on anyone
> currently using them and the coverage at event sites across the kingdom.
> >
> > Thanks for your input.
> >
> > Yours in Service,
> > Michel mac Donnchaid
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