[Ansteorra] OT cell phones

Laura Betenbaugh mbetenbaugh at houston.rr.com
Fri May 18 21:18:47 PDT 2007

 Btw, I disagree with Niklas, T-Mobile has great coverage, as most of our
>> sites *are* within cell phone range.  I have coverage at Gulf Wars.  I've
>> had it for almost 8 years now, and at most have hit one or two events a 
>> year
>> where I couldn't get signal.

I've had T-Mobile for years, and the only time I can remember having a 
dropped call, I was driving around Austin, through the hills.
As for a tough phone, I have a Samsung flip phone, nothing fancy, no camera, 
but it has survived dropping from the back of a horse onto asphalt, and 
bouncing out of my pouch at a gallop at Gulf Wars as I was weaving the 
heads. Now THAT is a tough phone!
HL Lorraine Fraser

 I love my Nokia. It's been dropped in mud, onto asphalt from a truck, etc.,
> and it's still working just fine. I recommend them to everyone who asks me
> after telling them I'm a bit biased because I love mine. I see no point in
> buying cell phone insurance as I could get a new phone on e-bay for $30 or
> $40 and my insurance deductible would be $50 after paying $5 a month
> forever. Actually, after looking at the prices online, I may go ahead and

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