[Ansteorra] An Invitation to Grand Outlandish - Kingdom of the Outlands

SealeiRoibeard at aol.com SealeiRoibeard at aol.com
Sat May 19 09:02:36 PDT 2007

Grand  Outlandish Tournament - Barony of al-Barran (New Mexico) - Kingdom of 
the  Outlands  

24 May – 28 May 2007

Torrance County Park

"Welcome to  Novgorod "


This Grand Outlandish Tournament will be just as exciting and action past  as 
any in the past.  You should not  miss it!  Here are just a few things  you 
will miss if you do not attend! 

Pyrats running Security!  

"Most Outlandish…"  Competitions:

Distance Traveled

Russian Accent

Russian  Garb

Russian Encampment (Russian styled wind snobbery highly  encouraged!!!)

Heavy  Weapons Tourneys and Melee's:

Knight Bannerette Tournament for Heavy  Weapons – This tournament will come 
with all the pomp and chivalry you can shake  a stick at.  
Lord of Outlandish Tournament for Heavy Weapons – Do YOU think you can  beat 
an Outlander for this title? 
Bottle Tournament for Light Weapons – You will be required to share a  drink 
with the List Mistress by giving her a bottle of your finest  beverage. 
Citadel Speed List for Light Weapons – Do you think you have the fastest  
blade in the Knowne World?  Prove  it! 
And many more!

A&S Classes:

Siege  Cooking 
Siege Sewing 
Blacksmithing and Open Forge 
Viking Garb 
Historical German Longswordsmanship 
Basics of Bowyering 
And much, MUCH more!

If  you're bored, then you aren't trying!!!!

Merchants WELCOME!!!!!

Please contact Duchess Kathryn of Ivaragh  (kballar at unm.edu) for more 

Volunteer positions  filling fast!!! To guarantee your position please 
contact THL Theresa de la  Cabesa Vaca (too_be_free at hotmail.com)

Hope to see you all out  there!!!!

Bantiarna  Seale inghean Roibeard
Barony of al-Barran
Mistress of the  Lists

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