Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Fri Nov 9 06:23:49 PST 2007

Stefan asked:

> So, how is this different from a Duke entering Crown list and then
> deliberately withdrawing after defeating an individual or individuals
> they didn't like or didn't think should be King?  For that matter, I
> guess any one can do that, but for Dukes this is okay, while for
> others it is supposed to be a dishonor.

One is a deliberate action taken within the rules of the tourney, and an 
accepted part of the tourney, and the other is a matter totally apart from 
the tourney, several weeks later.  A duke who exercises ducal privilege is 
part of the competition.  To win the list, you must defeat all competition 
that comes your way.  (You don't have to defeat competition that doesn't 
come your way.)

What happened here is not part of the tourney.  Real life issues have come 
up that require Patrick and Julia's full attention, and they cannot serve 
as the Crown.  This means that we have no tourney winner.  Nobody who can 
be the Crown has entered Crown tourney and defeated all competition that 
came their way.  So we'll keep having Crown tourney until we get it right.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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