[Ansteorra] research papers for A&S

lambdakennels1 at juno.com lambdakennels1 at juno.com
Sun Nov 11 06:56:20 PST 2007

I am fairly new, and have a question about doing research papers for A&S.  I have the A&S manual, but it really only covers what is allowable, not what people feel is desirable.  I hear a lot about static and bardic entries, but not much on the research end.  Since I get accused of over documentation, I thought maybe I should enter a few.  How long should they be?  Is it a "as long as it takes" kind of thing, or is there a generally accepted limit?  If an art form starts in say, the 13th century and then reaches its' zenith in the 18th century, do you only cover it to  1600?  Any other pointers?

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