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Hey, I want to go to Bob's Day. Where is it? When is it? Anything Morgan
will both Steward and Cook for will be high on my list of must do's. BTW, it
this the Bob that is somehow related to Her Majesty? If so, it will be a
wild and crazy event.


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I'm going to steward Bob's Day.  I'm cooking for Bob's Day.

Easer to say than ocratting.  :)


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Perhaps the reason the words autocrat and feastocrat etc are still around is

because you can easily use them as verbs. It's much easier to say "I'm going

to autocrat that event" than to say "I'm going to event steward that event."

It works but sounds weird. You can also say "autocratting" or 
"feastocratting" as opposed to "event stewarding" or "feast stewarding" 
Again, they work, but sound weird. Just a thought! I'm also tired and been 
immersed in samurai books for two hours. =P

-Lady Grainne Kathleen NicPadraig MacDaniel
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