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    The following is just MY take on the subject.
    There aren't any firm rules about what constitutes a good research paper
in Ansteorra, but there are some things to keep in mind.
    If the competition specifies length and format for papers then you
follow those requirements.   Often they don't
    In some larger competitions, research papers are required to be sent in
a few weeks in advance of the event to give the judges time to read them
carefully and reach a considered judgment.  In smaller competitions, (or in
larger competitions where the person running things hasn't really thought
things through), you just show up with your paper.
   If the papers are not being sent in advance, keep it as short as you can
and still cover your subject adequately.  Judges have a limited amount of
time, and may have other things to do at the event.  They often do not have
the time to read closely a 50 page paper.  Also the judge may have no
knowledge or interest in the subject of your paper.  So keep it short and to
the point.  If the subject matter requires some length to cover adequately
then consider giving the subject the length it needs but including a
summary, but understand that if the judge is busy they may only read the
     If papers are being sent in advance then you can afford to make them
longer as the judge should have more time, and in a larger, kingdom level
event they may also try and get the paper to a judge who has some expertise
in the subject matter.  Still you don't want to go on and on.  Take as much
space as you need and no more.  As in most writing, brevity is a virtue.

    The short but not very helpful answer is that the best length for a
paper is the length that the judge or judges feel like reading that day.
Judging quality varies considerably, especially in the smaller
competitions.  So what is good for one competition may not be good for

Robert Fitzmorgan

On Nov 11, 2007 8:56 AM, lambdakennels1 at juno.com <lambdakennels1 at juno.com>

> I am fairly new, and have a question about doing research papers for A&S.
>  I have the A&S manual, but it really only covers what is allowable, not
> what people feel is desirable.  I hear a lot about static and bardic
> entries, but not much on the research end.  Since I get accused of over
> documentation, I thought maybe I should enter a few.  How long should they
> be?  Is it a "as long as it takes" kind of thing, or is there a generally
> accepted limit?  If an art form starts in say, the 13th century and then
> reaches its' zenith in the 18th century, do you only cover it to  1600?  Any
> other pointers?
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