[Ansteorra] SCA Vocabulary

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Sun Nov 11 08:13:49 PST 2007

Will Meriic asked:

> I have seen the phrases "feastocrat", "troll", and "dragon" quite 
> commonly
> in my previous kingdom.  Dragon wasn't use too often; I always preferred
> horse or stead (I think that comes from the rennie side of me).  I can
> understand some people taking offense to the title of troll.  But is the
> title feastocrat considered bad here?  What do head chefs preferred to be
> called?

When I first arrived in Ansteorra, some people were engaged in making up 
new words for the privy, as if this were some new, modern, mundane 
invention that needed to be covered up.  It turns out that our ancestors 
had privies just as we do.

There are two impulses that lead to what we do and say in the SCA.

1. Some people are here to explore the medieval or Renaissance period.
2. Some people are here to be different, to avoid the twenty-first century.

A lot of the time, these two impulses lead in the same direction, but not 
always.  When the period word is the same as the modern word, people in the 
first category prefer to use that word, while people in the second category 
prefer to make up something SCA-specific.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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