[Ansteorra] SCA Vocabulary

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Sun Nov 11 07:40:00 PST 2007

At 02:21 AM 11/11/2007, you wrote:
>Past discussions have yielded several reasons:
>1 People like the terms and use them because they are "traditional"
>2 Many people don't know they are not period terms...
>often when given the period appropriate terms... they switch
>L DeerSlayer

And sometimes they don't. Tradition can be a powerful thing.

If you go to an event in the West Kingdom (and probably Caid and An 
Tir as well) the area where the fighting takes place is called "The 
Eric." That's because the original set of ropes used to mark out the 
listfield was red, and became known as "Eric the Red". Even though 
those original ropes have long since gone away, and the ropes used 
these days *aren't* red, the name has stuck for 40+ years.

         -Tivar Moondragon
         Inter-Kingdom Anthropologist

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