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Sun Nov 11 09:26:05 PST 2007

On Sun, Nov 11, 2007 at 09:02:07AM -0800, L T wrote:
> ***There's a manual!!!!!***
> OMG...
> Seriously...
> if there's an A&S manual could you please provide where it can be obtained...  
> I know several kingdoms have books on judging standards for things... 
> in Ansteorra there has a movement afoot to put one together several times...
> but the end result is that more people felt that it stifled creativity 
> and the issue was dropped...
> if Ansteorra actually did an A&S manual... I'd love to see it ;)

While they're not _manuals_ as such, there are some interesting and
potentially useful articles at <http://laurel.ansteorra.org/>, particularly
the articles on writing documentation, the art of judging, and judging

There is a continuing discussion among the Ansteorran Laurels on just how
the judging forms should be constructed and exactly what should be in a
judging form for different types of art forms. A musical performance and
a piece of furniture should not be judged using the same criteria, for
instance. The judging forms in the website above may not be those that
you will see at current events, as a result. 

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