[Ansteorra] Ring belts vs buckles

Isobel de Kirkbryde kirkbryde at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 11 11:00:37 PST 2007

BOTH are period. 

Yes, I know buckles were made during period.  However, ring belts were also worn.  

Master Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay and I saw ring belts in the Viking exhibit at the Swedish National Historical Museum in Stockholm this summer.  Yes, they were worn with the same "knot" that is worn in the SCA,  The major difference was the width of the belt.  The ones we saw in the museum were about 1/2" high for the leather with appropriately sized rings.  

We saw exhibits that were later in period where they used buckles and belts with holes, much like our modern belts. Moreover, we know from archaeological grave-digs, whose accounts Mistress Roane and Master Michael have translated, that Swedes in the Viking era also used buckles remarkably like those we use today.

So both are period: ring-belts and buckled belts alike. 

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