[Ansteorra] SCA Vocabulary

Chelsea Durham baby_sis_83 at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 11 12:34:25 PST 2007

Peacockery?? I am anything BUT nature's drag queen! =) And I most certainly wouldn't want to imitate him... uhm her? 

-Lady Grainne Kathleen NicPadraig MacDaniel 
None is deceived but he who trusts too much.

> Well, yes. With their excessive pride, strutting and peacockery, I  
> guess that sneering at one's self would be difficult for the rapier  
> fighters. :-)
> But then since Don Robin has attempted to doing this fencing thing, I  
> assume he thought of that when he was making his original statement.
> Stefan
> (and since I seem to be getting mis-interpreted here lately, this is  
> meant to be a joke. Your mileage may very, etc, etc.)

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