[Ansteorra] chocalate

Rose & Chad love at roseandchad.net
Sun Nov 11 18:32:33 PST 2007

Yummy! I wouldn't try to sell them by the pan, because you'd have to have several extra pans of each, and the price would most likley have to include the pan itself, whereas when you buy it buy the piece, the seller can take the pans home at the end of the event.
  However, you might try having one extra pan of each and having a silent auction. That way, people can bid on what they like, and you might just get more than you thought you would. If no one bids, go ahead and sell it, or take home some lovely extra chocolate. In this season you might even be able to repackage leftovers and give them away as gifts, or take it to your local Yule revel.
  Also, Dollar Tree (of all places, lol) has large, pretty metal pans in several shapes with engraving on them. They're not *quite* period, but they look nice and are in an antique-style.
  May I inquire as to when you'll be having this tempting sale?

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