[Ansteorra] A Question (or 2)

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Mon Nov 12 16:52:13 PST 2007

Thomas White wrote:
> <snip>  However, your equipment that is legal here should certainly be legal there.  

Your Grace, sorry to disagree with you...

 From the Estrella War treaty at :


d.      Combat Archery Weapons Standards

2.      Wooden shafts, _Baldar blunts and light shafted crossbow bolts 
are NOT allowed_

3.      On crossbows,_ homemade fiberglass prods_ & fiberglass rod 
prods_ forbidden._

*Re:  d.2  above.   *

I know of ZERO heavy crossbows in Ansteorra and therefore ZERO heavy 
Crossbow ammo in use.  Our standard is light crossbows or 600 IP or less 
shooting standard SCA legal light ammo with either UHMW cored blunts or 
Baldar Blunts.  I don't know of any Ansteorran crossbowman who could 
take his ammo to Estrella and use it.  If your an Ansteorran crossbowman 
you are almost surely SOL as far as Estrella is concerned.  If there are 
any Ansteorran crossbowmen with heavy crossbows and heavy ammo I don't 
know where they are and I try to know where the bulk of our combat 
archers are.

There were 2362 Ansteorran crossbow bolts inspected at Gulf Wars this 
past March that would NOT be allowed at Estrella.  There were ZERO 
Ansteorran crossbows bolts inspected that would be allowed at Estrella.

If you are a longbowman then your equipment could be used at Estrella as 
long as you didn't use Baldar Blunts on your ammo.

There were 1006 Ansteorran arrows inspected at Gulf War this past year.  
Of those 774 would be allowed at Estrella.

So going from data at this past Gulf War (which is not significantly 
different than the detailed data we have from the past 3) less than 1 in 
4 pieces of Ansteorran ammo would be allowed at Estrella and your 
crossbowmen are completely out of luck.  Approx 70 percent of our 
archers at the war were shooting crossbows.

*Re: d.3 above.*
Homemade fiberglass prods are forbidden.  So any crossbows with homemade 
fiberglass prods, such as as excellent crossbows made by Wil Ironwyrm or 
Jon Rolfson  with hand ground high quality fiberglass prods are simply 
not allowed regardless of what ammo you might want to shoot out of it.

I said earlier that basically no Ansteorran CA equipment could be used 
at Estrella.  I'll amend that statement based on the hard data I cited 
above and refute your assertion that "your equipment that is legal here 
should certainly be legal there."   70 percent or more of Ansteorran 
archers would not be able to participate at Estrella with their kit.  Of 
the 18 or so archers in my war company I could send maybe a third of 
them (the ones with longbows) to Estrella but due to the Estrella limits 
on ammo I would only have about half (or less) the ammo I felt I needed 
for those archers to get the job done well.



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