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Thank you Gunthar...that was very well written.

Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:
I attended the Tournament of the Roses this past weekend and
want to congratulate the Ladies of the Rose for a beautiful event.
Countess Sara worked hard to not only Steward it but also created
a beautiful Champion's scroll.

The new site is almost perfect for the SCA. It is shaded with
towering pecan trees, has a large open field for melees, flush toilets
and showers, a large covered pavilion with adjustable lighting, 
grills and barbecue pits. It is fairly close to town but is definitely
away from modern distractions. God also approved of the tournament
by providing magnificent weather.

Countesses Regina and Vanessa provided a terrific tavern that assured
nobody was hungry during the day and Duchess Valeria brought dinner
for the evening. 

I could go on with all the help and work performed by all the Ladies but
you can check the website to see that these paragons of beauty and
delicacy also worked hard to provide Ansteorra with an event we can
all be proud of.

The Ladies were well represented by the rapier community which holds
a special place in Their hearts. All the entrants fought with honor, grace
and determination to become the Champion of the Roses. The final 
round had two great champions of the duello vying for the honor of
their patrons. Don Ingve faced Master Modius in a game of reaction
and accuracy. They stalked each other like two panthers, with twitches
and body movement betraying no weakness and deadly intent. Then
Don Ingve did not so much as attack as teleported from outside range
to a killing blow. Master Modius acknowledged his honorable defeat with the 
honor and grace that is the hallmark of the rapier community.

But where were the Chivalry? This tournament was in honor of OUR own inspirations. The Ladies that we strive to place upon the Ebon throne. Those who work just as hard, if not harder to keep our Kingdom running and the populace happy. The Roses tournament should be among the premier events for any who take up the sword and shield of chivalry! There were a mere 13 fighters and only 4 who wear the Belt and Chain entered. And, though we did fight with our utmost skill and chivalry to give honor to those who have honored us so through the years, I beg my Brothers and Sisters of the broadsword to make this tournament as "One to Win"!
In the end Count Romanus faced Sir Randall for the honor of bearing the Sigil of the Roses about his neck. The fight was fierce but interspersed with laughter and perfect blow acknowledgement. The count was one fight each with the fighters determined to gain the third point. A contest between mastiff and mongoose. The strength and experience of Randall vs the speed, endurance and downright trickiness of Romanus. At the end Randall closed with a roar and furious attack only to be downed by the point of Romanus' sword. The Premier Champion of the Roses was again given the accolade.

Court was cheered for being short and sweet. Unfortunately, I'm prevented from going into details. :-)

Feast that night was provided by Duchess Valeria under a pavilion with dimmed lights and candles. A wonderful bardic competition was attended by nearly everyone in camp around a large fire. As with Three Kings, the days of our youth had returned when the SCA was REAL. After hearing songs, stories and poetry the final two were Their Majesties own Herald, Ld. Brian vs Baron Matteo (sp?) who is new to our Kingdom from Northshield. And bloody happy I am to have this import. 

Although Baron Matteo greatly moved me with his stories and songs it was Ld. Brian who swayed the Roses' hearts to become Their Bard.

I could not stay on Sunday for the equestrian, archery or Roses Court so someone will need to report on this.

But, as a Royal and one who holds the Ladies dear, I beg all of Ansteorra to come out the next time and celebrate the women who have been our inspirations over the years. I especially issue a challenge to the Order of the Chivalry to attend the next Championship and make this the list it deserves to be.


Sir Gunthar Jonsson, 
40th Comptes du Ansteorra, Baron of the Court
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