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gail young gwynethb63 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 06:52:58 PST 2008

I just picked up the December Blackstar to try and figure it out.  The event adds read:
  Oklahoma City
  Tulsa, OK
  Glen Rose, Tx
  Athens, Tx
  Wolfforth, Tx.
  Athens, Tx.
  It looks like I am the only person who did not put a city in, so you must be refering to my add.
  I appologize.  The Georgetown Community Center is in Georgetown Tx.  I hope this has cleared up your confusion.
  in service,

Richard Yeager <chuymonstre at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Good Sir,

I honestly didn't not look to see if the event was "official: or not. It was an event advertised in the Black Star and gave no indication as to where it was being held (or even who was sponsoring the event). This is not the first time I have found ads or announcements that did not include that information. They may not have been official either. As Lord Stefan mentions in another reply to this thread, it really doesn't matter whether it is official or not. If you want people to attend your event, it would be helpful to let us know which city and state the event is located in.

Another reply mentioned that their Shire always confirmed the driving directions listed. Again, that was not really the issue. If you do not have a clue where the event is being held, giving the names of a couple of highways and FM roads isn't helpful. THose directions may be accurate, they just may not overcome the lack of orientation. When the directions involve state highways and local roads without another other reference point, it still means having to search for information from the internet. I believe it was the ad for the Company of Wolves event, though I have seen this same problem in virtually every issue of the Black Star for other events. Some of the non-Interstate highways listed in the Company of Wolves announcment exist in both Oklahoma and Texas, on opposite sides of the Kingdom from each other.

My original post was not intended as a criticism or slight. It was merely a comment on a problem I felt event planners should consider when creating announcements for their events. I am certain that the local members know of the event and where it is generally located (for recurring events). But people that are outside of that area or region may not know the event. By putting the announcement in the Black Star, I would assume that planners are trying to get people further away to attend. Just help us orient to the event a little better.


Jean Paul de Sens wrote: There are only two official events announcements in the January Blackstar
that are in Oklahoma, Queen's Champion and Winter War Manuevers. Both of
those have the mundane locations listed. The Company of Wolves is just an
advertisement, and is not required to have the same information an official
event ad must have. Is that the one you are referrring to?


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