[Ansteorra] Event Locations

Richard Yeager chuymonstre at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 08:22:30 PST 2008

Dear Baron,

Thank you for your reply.  As I stated privately to Sir Jean Paul, my original post was not to criticize you in you capacity as Kingdom Chronicler nor the event planners who designed their announcements.  It was merely to point out this omission in the hopes that individuals creating future announcements might recognize that Ansteorra is a very large kingdom and many of our event locations are in small towns and communities that may be unknown to "outsiders".

I will quit stirring the hornets nest now and quietly withdraw.

Cuan mac Niall

HE Kainin Tepesa <kainintepesa at yahoo.com> wrote: Worry not, it does. He was only listing the events
that occur in Oklahoma in January.

My apologies as well for the confusion on the Company
of Wolves ad. As Sir Jean Paul pointed out, only
official events are required to contain the address of
the event, but in the future I will watch unofficial
announcements more closely and make suggestions for
improvement to the submitters to hopefully avoid
future confusion. 

To those submitting ads; getting them to me in advance
of, or at least by, the deadline of the 1st of the
month will help me have the time needed to check them

In service,
Baron Kainin
Kingdom Chronicler

--- gail young  wrote:

> I haven't gotten my January Blackstar, but there had
> better be a third "official" announcement for Bryn
> Gwlad's Candlemas!
>   gwyneth
>   (don't scare the autocrat)
> Jean Paul de Sens  wrote:
>   There are only two official events announcements
> in the January Blackstar
> that are in Oklahoma, Queen's Champion and Winter
> War Manuevers. Both of
> those have the mundane locations listed. The Company
> of Wolves is just an
> advertisement, and is not required to have the same
> information an official
> event ad must have. Is that the one you are
> referrring to?
> JP

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