[Ansteorra] Gunthar is an idiot

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 7 11:30:04 PST 2008

And many of you are saying, "Yeah, and the sky is blue. So
what else is new?"
But in my sleep-deprived state in thanking folks from 12th Night
I neglected to mention my lady so I did a special grovelling
thank you to her.
Now I have realized (i.e. nudged by the same very forgiving lady)
that I also goofed and forgot a couple of very important thank yous.
To the Centurions who came in and washed dishes including the 
kitchen dishes for their fund raiser. I hear they made over $300
and really saved the kitchen crew's tired butts.
And I also wish to thank my two Laurels (what? You think just
one Laurel could handle me?) who were there with encouragement,
confidence, advise and the ocassional kick in the pants.
Most especially to Mistress Gwyneth Blackrose for driving up from
Austin and working her tail off in the kitchen all day. She contributed
to a great time with us scullions which can be attested to by the
number of times people were sent in from the main hall to shush
Thank you. You guys made it happen.
See? Happy stuff on the Ansteorra list!
Self-made idiot
Watch “Cause Effect,” a show about real people making a real difference.

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