[Ansteorra] Western Region

KEYNA keyna at hot.rr.com
Mon Jan 7 21:57:37 PST 2008

WOW talk about shrinking the kingdom!! From what I have been reading I don't
understand why the shire of Mendersham was dissolved? They sounded like they
had everything going good for them. Expect folks to quit playing for a while
and some permanently. With gas pieces so high people aren't going to travel
far for meetings or things like that. That is expected.  When Middleford was
dissolved it was hard on all of us. We were all upset and angry. It does
calm down (honest) and some go to events still. Others have gotten together
and are doing there own thing. Some are getting together at homes and
practice fighting. Now my feelings about this whole thing. What happened to
joining the sca to play and enjoying it? That is what everyone says live the
dream have fun. Then you have people like myself who enjoy the sca and want
to help. So here is the part where you need officers to help run the group
efficiently and have fun. Now comes the part that gets bad and no one wants
to be an officer because there is just too much crap shoved down that
officers throat. And you are still supposed to have fun and live the dream.
1 problem the kingdom has is all the secrecy. And another thing rank
shouldn't matter. If that person screwed up be it peer or not even if the
offence is really bad should be the same. This kingdom has turned into a
major political mess. Isn't there a way to calm or even cut some of this out
and make it fun again?


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