[Ansteorra] Politics vs. Fun

Rose & Chad love at roseandchad.net
Mon Jan 7 22:50:18 PST 2008

*chuckle* Politics has always has lovely little flare-ups in our (and I suspect every) kingdom. Politicians shove thier agendas into the oddest places, and do and cause the oddest things to happen. And then the rest of us stand around going, "Huh? What the...? Wouldn't it have been easier/smoother/faster/better to do y instead of z?". *shakes her head* This is the nature of things when they become political, which is messy, instead of managerial, which is necessary.
  Now, this is not a comment on the situation in the Western Region, as I know absolutely zero about that. I'm so directionally challenged that I have to look at a compass before I even know which way is west, honestly. :D And when I was new to this Barony, I had much cause to like the feature of our kingdom's website that shows a physical map of the area, and did not require me to know which direction was which to be able to navigate to the correct website for this area.
  But the political flare-ups, as crappy as they are, do serve to illuminate the fun that we have when politics are off bugging someone else, and they do provide good jokes around a campfire... And I think that as long as people like to politic, we will have politicians, and it is better for me to chuckle under my hand when they act silly than to let it ruin my good time. In the end, I suppose that I am lucky to live in such a good Barony, where the main focus is on having good, medieval fun, and where the messy kind of politics are kept to a minimum. Because you are correct... When it stops being fun, and it starts making you feel angry, then what's the point? Milady, you are welcome at any time to head to my campfire, where we very well remember what good medieval fun comprises of.
  Rose the Obnoxious
KEYNA <keyna at hot.rr.com> wrote:
  What happened to joining the sca to play and enjoying it? That is what everyone says live the dream have fun. Then you have people like myself who enjoy the sca and want to help. So here is the part where you need officers to help run the group efficiently and have fun. Now comes the part that gets bad and no one wants to be an officer because there is just too much crap shoved down that officers throat. And you are still supposed to have fun and live the dream. 1 problem the kingdom has is all the secrecy. And another thing rank shouldn't matter. If that person screwed up be it peer or not even if the offence is really bad should be the same. This kingdom has turned into a major political mess. Isn't there a way to calm or even cut some of this out and make it fun again?


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