[Ansteorra] Gee, Is this the Apocalypse? ;

Carla Privette auntiecarlap at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 8 19:18:39 PST 2008

I also see we pay as we go.  I dont mind paying the fees as I am able too. But ,some off my SCA family must choose with care when they attend an event and have missed many they would have loved to go to. What is the world coming to when we have to work so hard to recruit members and then we talk of adding costs that will turn them away?
  Clara Marshall
  Blessed Be

Donna Nesbit <themaefare at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Don't we already pay to play, pay to belong, pay to eat, pay for dress, armor, gear, fighting equipment, etc. I let my membership lapse the last time they decided I need to pay more. In my present frame of mine, it would not take much for me to let my membership lapse again.


David Backlin wrote:
Western Ansteorra is dissolved and the BoD wants Pay to Play. Is this the 
apocalypse? ;)

THL Edrei the Quiet
(mka David Backlin)
Merchant and Adventurer
Shire of Smythkepe 

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