[Ansteorra] Pay-2-play, Pay-2-fight, Pay-2-whatever...

Ulrich von Brixen ulrich_vonbrixen at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 09:42:51 PST 2008

  I agree with Master Robin and Sir Lyonel, this should be a topic addressed on this list, for it's outcome certainly effects everyone on this list.
  One of the most positive attributes that the SCA has going is that there is no requirement to be a paid member to play our game, as in other such groups.  That in fact is one of the top motivations I had that drew me in so long ago.  I can only speak for myself, I could not afford a membership at the time, in fact I was barely able to afford the site fee to events when I started, if I had to pay for a membership to play I would not have been able to attend events for a couple of months, until that initial outlay was recouped.
  In recruiting members today, I see the same issues that I had when I started in 1989, spend what money they have to get armor, clothing, event fee and getting to the event.  If the SCA instituted a "pay to play" these new folks would not be able to swing it.  
  If someone who was less fortunate than others had to "pay for awards" but worked their tails off at events, that would be a sad day to see, people who deserved the awards would not get them because of an inability to pay, look around we all know someone who works hard to make the dream happen and is less fortunate than others, say a starving college student, someone down on their luck or on fixed incomes and the SCA is their only outlet where todays society places such a big emphasis on wealth.  I have been there so I relate.
  I am in total agreement with Sir Lyonel, raise the NMS and impose a small charge for administrative fees for non-members to have an authorization card, but do not take away someones desire to make the dream happen for all of us because of inability to pay.
  My two shillings, for what it is worth.
  Ld. Ulrich von Brixen 

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