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Wed Jan 9 13:58:11 PST 2008

The GC is open to anyone, but non-GC members can not post direct to the GC

However, if you want comments sent up to the GC, you can run them a member.

See Armands original post for the GC site URL.

And yes, I agree fully...."This is an opportunity for *us* to define the


> On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 01:49:14PM -0600, Dragonetti wrote:
>> I appreciate Master Tivar's comment and Mistress Kaitlyn's clarification
>> is
>> spot on. This is an opportunity for *us* to define the terms. Make
>> suggestions and identify pros and cons.
>> Some have reasonably asked, "What problem are we trying to fix?"
>> The question has been posed on the GC list and is currently pending a
>> response. Regardless of the response, I find it reasonable for any
>> business
>> entity (profit or not-for-profit) to brainstorm ideas to improve
>> revenue,
>> reduce costs, and increase value regardless of whether they are
>> currently
>> under control or not.
> It's nice that it was posed on the GC list. Is this list still open
> to folks who aren't on the GC? My understanding, which may be flawed,
> is that it isn't at the moment but used to be. I seem to recall, from
> a person who used to be a non-GC-member subscriber to the list, that
> she was told that she could request, by sending a note to the list, to
> be re-subscribed, but that her attempt failed -- because mail from
> people not subscribed to the list was being rejected.
> All in all, this rather makes me wish I hadn't resigned from the GC.
> I'll dispute the reasonability of increasing corporate revenue beyond
> present and known (or predicted) future need plus some margin for
> growth and contingencies, since in theory the corporation is there
> only to provide a framework for the game we call the SCA and to handle
> things best handled by an overarching structure.
> The benefit provided by the corporation to me as a member is, as I see
> it, precisely that overarching structure, plus publications. I have
> seen the corporation intruding itself into areas where I believe it
> has little or no business, though, since I first joined, about 30 or
> 31 years ago.
> Do you see some other role for the corporation? If so, please let us
> know what role you believe the corporation should have.
> As to increasing value, these measures appear designed to reduce the
> value of the game we call the SCA in the eyes of those in what now is
> the Western Region. Possibly they may increase its value in other
> areas, but I question whether the net change is positive.
> If cost reduction is one of the objectives, it would be good to see
> the costs that are being viewed with an eye towards reduction.
> In any event, we definitely need to know what problem(s) we are
> trying to fix, or we may find that the Powers That Be are trying Yet
> Again to drive nails with a screwdriver.
> I understand that I'm significantly widening the scope of the
> discussion; perhaps this should be a subthread under a different
> subject. I think, though, that the questions I pose have answers that
> are needed if we are to determine what problem(s) we're trying to fix
> in the context of what you state above that you find reasonable. As
> others have written upthread, I think that the Ansteorra List is the
> proper venue for this discussion; I would be very leery indeed of any
> effort to force the discussion into private E-mail.
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