[Ansteorra] Bards, Brewers, and Cooks (now with shopping!)

David Whitford dbw6969 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 14:52:44 PST 2008

It was just a thought and I have been to a fp during
Kingdom dance some years ago that was at a private
house, when we got doem we cleaned up and attended the
evening ball it was a win-win.
--- Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:

> > If this was needed I'd suggest flipping that idea
> and> have the "must fight" folks maybe do something
> off> site similar to a big practice and when it was
> over> they could come enjoy the evening with the
> Official> event or head home as their wants/needs
> dictated.> Robert
> Personally, I don't see it as a "must need". There
> isn't 
> fighting at Kingdom A&S, none at 12th Night, ditto
> for
> King's College. But they have good attendance.
> This also isn't meant to be a huge event. It's a
> gathering
> and sharing of ideas. And I think if folk wanted it,
> a
> Pas or fighter practice or whatever during the day 
> would be fine. The main thrust of this event is that
> night when all the elements get together and have
> fun.
> Gunthar
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