[Ansteorra] Membership and what counts

Burke McCrory burkemc at cox.net
Wed Jan 9 18:45:53 PST 2008

A little background on this discussion is in order I think.

In early 1996 the BOD and Ansteorra entered into an experiment on how 
to count memberships for groups.  We were going through some hard 
times and a number of groups were in danger of folding.  The BOD and 
the Society Seneschal gave Ansteorra permission (through a variance) 
to count all members in a group for purposes of minimums.  We did 
this for 4 years until 2000 when the variance expired.  We then went 
back to the old system and I filed a report with the Society 
Seneschal concerning our experiences.  I know that the BOD reviewed 
this and talked about it on several occasions.  We got direct 
statements from BOD members and the Society Seneschal  that all 
memberships were now valid for counting in 2001.  This was during the 
time that Sir Rohdri was on the BOD I think.  The only question that 
the BOD had was did they need to increase the minimum numbers for 
groups.  As has been posted here they did take this up at a later BOD 
meeting (sometimes they move very slowly) in 2004 and affirmed the 
change in counting but did not move to increase or decrease the 
required numbers.  We have been counting all memberships for purposes 
of minimums for a number of years so unless there has been a formal 
change since 2004 the ruling from the BOD still stands.

One more point, Society Law (ie Corpora, etc.) supersedes Kingdom Law 
automatically.  While we can make things more restrictive in some 
cases (like requiring that groups have more officers or greater 
membership counts) we can not countermand Society Law.  Preventing 
groups of members from counting would not be considered more 
restrictive but would be considered countermanding.  This works the 
same way for Mundane Law and the SCA, if the mundane law is changed 
then any conflict with the society law is automatically changed or 
rendered invalid, whether we publish a change or not.  Part of the 
Kingdom Seneschal's job is to be aware of Society Law changes and 
prepare reports for the Crown concerning their impact and any changes 
that might be required.


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