[Ansteorra] comments on Western Region problem

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Yes, I remember driving to Elfsea, with Elric in his van, for several hours. 
My then Lady, Philippa, sitting on a cushion under which was her AoA scroll 
that she was to be given that weekend, in Court. So that we drove all that 
way, sat thru a 3 hour Court, so she could get her AoA.
 Things have come a long way but seem to be heading back.
HE Chiang
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> From Bonwicke to Treloc is a 3 hour trip one way. From Bonwicke to the 
> Elfsea is 6 hours. With the disbanding of the shires, the closest event 
> will require a long trip before the even even starts. When I was living 
> there, the only time the royals or peers ever came out was for Gothic War, 
> so we would see them once a year. The Western Region has always been the 
> "forgotten/ignored" region. Which is sad because there are some awesome 
> people out there.
> Marlyna

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