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<<It has also come to me by a third party that what I do in the  next week 
will decide if  I am banished. Part of being a Peer is telling  the truth even 
if it means you will die. This is what I feel about this action  of dissolving 
the Western region.>>>
Your Grace Duchess Willow de Wisp,
Your words and what You risk to voice them humble me. We in the Western  
region have struggled for many years to overcome the "redheaded  stepchild" stigma 
we seem to have in regard to the rest of the Kingdom.  To have the utter 
support and love from the very first Queen of Ansteorra  amazes me. I don't know 
what the outcome will be but I can assure You that  we the Western Region will 
NOT go away, quietly into the night.
In Your Service,
Mistress Anna Mitrofanova
 Baroness Bonwicke

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