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>From Bonwicke to Treloc is a 3 hour trip one way.  From Bonwicke to the Elfsea is 6 hours.  With the disbanding of the shires, the closest event will require a long trip before the even even starts.  When I was living there, the only time the royals or peers ever came out was for Gothic War, so we would see them once a year.  The Western Region has always been the "forgotten/ignored" region.  Which is sad because there are some awesome people out there.


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I'm hearing alot about this distance thing... What kind of distances are we 
talking about here? We have members that come in from Altus, which is about an 
hour away... But they don't get to come to every weekly meeting and most of the 
later-in-the-evening one are kinda out since they have to include drive time 
back home... Just kinda curious...
  R the O

Paul DeLisle <ferretpd at gmail.com> wrote:
  The essence of this "breeding ground" is the local groups. If the number of
"local groups" is reduced to two, the distances involved to "belong" to a
group are simply too far for any reasonable person to consider travelling

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