[Ansteorra] comments on Western Region problem

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Pas'd Armes was always one of my favorite events, when I could make it. At 
one time, yall used to get all kinds of people to that event. It was an 
event to win and certainly one to fight in. The pass down cloak was great to 
wear too.
Chiang, past Champion of Pas'd Armes

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I have to beg to differ with you on the Royals coming out here. We used to
get them every few years here in Adlesruhe at our Pas'd Armes event. They
really started coming out after Khan the king of Calontir came out one year.
We saw Royals or Peers from then on. And we have always had travelers from
the Northern Region. A couple of the tournament winners were even knighted
shortly after. We used to joke that winning the tournament was a good luck

Adlersruhe - Western Region

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