[Ansteorra] events for non-fighters (was bards, brewers, and cooks)

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Thu Jan 10 08:03:02 PST 2008

Lady Stephanie:
  Each of the events you mention below are specific events for rapier and chivalric, archery and equestrian and any other activies are second to the fighting - by choice of the groups hosting these events.  At Steppes Warlord in particular, there are FOUR champions determined.  At Elsea Defender, their champions are determined  So, yes, I would say that fighting takes precedence over bardic and A&S at these particular events.  It does not lessen them in anyway, it's just that they are not in the spotlight.
  If you are thinking about going to an event that does not have A&S planned, contact the Event Steward in advance and volunteer to organize a few classes or a small display area.  Complaining about a lack of something doesn't do much, but being proactive and taking initiative may result in a little something extra at an event.
  I have to admit it is a rare occasion to find myself at loose ends at an event.  Between Count Gunthar's chivalric activities, my tendency to end up in the kitchen, my entourage duties, visiting with friends and my A&S interests, most events are busy, busy times for me.  And I enjoy every minute of it.
  Lady Elizabeth Seale

"lambdakennels1 at juno.com" <lambdakennels1 at juno.com> wrote:
  I am not a bard, but a woodworker. There is no A&S competition at coronation, Queen's Champion, Elfsea Defender, and some of the other events. At Warlord, the A&S is an after thought and most people don't even bother to enter. So I guess my perspective is from the point of view of someone who is not a bard, or a herald, or a brewer. I can cook, although the results vary in quality. I would like to learn to cook better, and using period recipes, where safe. I am handicapped, so can't fight. At a lot of events, the only thing for someone like me is to sit and visit. While that is pleasant, it is not worth the $50 or so in gas and the $10 - $15 in entry fees to me at this time, because I don't have the money to go to many events. 

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