[Ansteorra] Member or Not?

Rose & Chad love at roseandchad.net
Thu Jan 10 08:08:08 PST 2008

*sigh* You very obviously do not sell things for a living. You stated that "It is
 not up to the corporation's marketing group to know all kingdom laws, and
 to advise you on them.  You seem to believe that the people who write the
 copy for the corporate membership forms are the same people who write 
Ansteorra's laws.  It's not so.  The former are office workers in 
California, and the latter are volunteers in Oklahoma and Texas."
  You are wrong. It is up to the people who write the text to know exactly what they are selling. It doesn't matter where or who the people who wrote the laws are. Most websites are done by outside firms nowadays, anyway. A purchase is a legally binding agreement. In this case, it says that I am pruchasing a membership. It specifies that the additional benefit of being a Sustaining member is that you will receive publications. That's it. That's all it says. So it implies that the memberships are the same, except concerning publications. Therefore, the entire SCA, as represented by SCA, Inc. is legally obliged to treat them the same, except concerning publications. This may not be how our laws read, but it is how the mundane laws read, and mundane laws supercede SCA law.

I am not arguing that memberships are the same within the SCA. They obviously are not. But they are advertised as such, and they either need to change the laws to cover such 'members', or the wording on thier website needs to change. Obviously, the latter would be easier.
  This might be a good example of why all Kingdoms should agree on how we should be 'paying-to-play'. Some Kingdoms do count their Family and Associate members, as they should, since that is what they were promised when they made the online purchase. (I'm specifying on-line purchasers because I don't know what mail-in purchasers are told.) So if all Kingdoms had the same rules, then it would be easier for SCA, Inc. to avoid these kinds of legal liabilities by describing memberships correctly before purchase.

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