[Ansteorra] events for non-fighters (was bards, brewers, and cooks)

Jean Paul de Sens jeanpauldesens at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 10:35:02 PST 2008

Thank you for the clarification.  While there are indeed a subset of
fighters who "just fight", I think if you look hard you'll find that they
also participate in many more activities than just the combat.  The
implications that all we do is fight did rankle me a bit.

Having said that, I very often enjoy events where there's no fighting (so
long as it's not done in a spiteful or mean fashion) as it can be an event
where I can do the other stuff I enjoy, without feeling pressured by my
peers to armour up because I have to.  There are days that I would rather
take a class than swing a stick... not many, but then again, some of the
cool classes have metal swords and poleaxes in them too :)


On Jan 10, 2008 9:41 AM, lambdakennels1 at juno.com <lambdakennels1 at juno.com>

> I am not a bard, but a woodworker.  There is no A&S competition at
> coronation, Queen's Champion, Elfsea Defender, and some of the other events.
>  At Warlord, the A&S is an after thought and most people don't even bother
> to enter.  So I guess my perspective is from the point of view of someone
> who is not a bard, or a herald, or a brewer.  I can cook, although the
> results vary in quality.  I would like to learn to cook better, and using
> period recipes, where safe.  I am handicapped, so can't fight.  At a lot of
> events, the only thing for someone like me is to sit and visit.  While that
> is pleasant, it is not worth the $50 or so in gas and the $10 - $15 in entry
> fees to me at this time, because I don't have the money to go to many
> events.  So I pick the ones with A&S competitions that are within about 200
> miles of me.  Some months that is slim pickens.  Yes, I am a relative
> newcomer.  However, since we are talking about retention and recruitment, my
> opinion is valid for me and so
>  me subset of others who are in a similar situation.  I do not know how
> large that subset is, but feel it is large enough to be heard.  I did not
> mean to offend the fighters, Sir Jean, although I can see how you might be
> offended.  However, I do feel that the fighting often overshadows the other
> parts of the events I attend.
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