[Ansteorra] Pay to Play Grand Council Topic

James D Sena brendon at pacific.net
Wed Jan 9 16:12:21 PST 2008

Unto those who read these words, does HL Brendan ap Llewelyn send greetings:

  This is a very important subject to many people, and for that I am 
glad.  HOWEVER, this is a topic assigned to the Grand Council.  It isn't 
ready for comment to the Board, as it is an idea generation topic.  If 
you wish to make your voice heard on this topic at this time, the BEST 
route is to submit it to a Grand Council member to pass along.  That way 
it can get passed to the entire Grand Council for it's consideration.

  There has been some clarifications for the Council - this is NOT about 
Pay to Play as we know it.  It is more far reaching than that, and 
includes memberships (Type, cost , duration, means of selling, benefits, 
etc) and anything related.  This could be as simple as rebundling a 
publication, to as complicated as someone can make a good case for.
  Please send comments to:

gc-chair at sca.org with an appropriate subject line.  I will read it and 
pass it on to the rest of the Grand Council.

HL Brendan ap Llewelyn
Grand Council Chairman

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