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Deborah Wade rhiannonferchcian at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 17:57:45 PST 2008

As one of the founders of the Shire of Bonwick I have been reading and thinking about the Western Region alot during the last several days.  The Great Officiers, Their Majesties and Their Highness have been faced with a difficult problem which they felt needed to be addressed.   

I know that they looked at the impact of their actions from every possible angle that they could think of and tried to determine the course of action that would be best for the Populace of our Kingdom and its Western lands as well as the Kingdom as a whole.  The action was a difficult one to undertake and it wasn't done without considering what could potentally happen.  

Those of us not residing in major urban areas should also take note.  The SCA is not growing the way it did for many years we are in a leveling off period or possibly even a decline.  Think about how to recruit and support new members until they are able to stand on their own within this organization so that we can continue to participate in an activity that we all enjoy.

Drive times, population density and the economy can not be changed, but there are some good things coming from the changes.  The Western Region no longer has a full slate of Regional Officers to fill and support.  Those individuals holding the Regional Offices can now focus their attention and energy on growing their respective home groups rather than trying to nurture the entire region.

The disolution of the Shires is not an absolute yet.  Master Pug pointed out earlier this week that there is a process for appeal.  I encourage the members of each of the affected branches to  decide wheather it is better to remain a Shire, take a step back and become a Canton of the Barony or some other action as seems appropriate for your individual branch and the people in it then take the action that seems most appropriate.  

The strength of Ansteorra as a whole espeically its Western edge is the ability of the people to look to the future and to overcome adversity by seeing potential for growth.

Mistress Rhiannon ferch Cian
Founding member of Bonwick
Holder of the Shire's Southern Cross

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