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Thu Jan 10 17:10:25 PST 2008

 One of the stated reasons for the dissolutions in the Western region was retention, so I went to look at the numbers for each region and the kingdom.here is what I found using the data I found on the seneschals web page.
over the last year each region had a net loss of population
Coastal lost .7% of their population
Southern lost 15%
Central lost 2.3%
Western lost 16.3 % 
Northern lost 3.2%
Kingdom overall lost 125 members 3.2% of this 125 Southern lost 73 members Western lost only 22.
'07 v '05, 2 regions had a net gain while the other 3 had a net loss
Coastal gained 6.6%
Northern gained 4.6%
Southern lost 16.2%
Central lost 8%
Western lost 15.6 %
Kingdom lost 2.2%
 Now as the Kingdom only counts subsribing members here are those numbers
'07 v '06
Central lost 3%
Coastal lost 2%
Northern gained 3%
Southern lost 13.3%
Western lost 14%
'07 v '05
Central gained 3.6%
Coastal lost 12.5%
Northern lost 2.7%
Southern lost18.9%
Western lost 22.1% 
Also by the Kingdom regulations for population minimum requirements 
as of 8/1/07 only 2 groups in the kingdom are below the minimum and neither of them are in the groups that are being sanctioned.
  Over all it appears that most of the Kingdom has a problem with retention, and it appears by the numbers that Southern is in the same boat with Western, so why is Western being singled out?
> There have been issues with recruitment, retention, reporting and acceptable
> officer applicant pools for years. This has been the case from the local
> level through the regional offices.
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