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The answers are hidden inside your numbers. If the Southern Region lost 73 members, or 15%, It started with about 487 members and finished with about 414 members. A troubling loss, but it doesn't seriously affect sustainability. The Western region, on the other hand, lost "only" 22, or 16.3%, it started with "only"
135 and ended with "only" 113. 

I don't know how many officers a group is required to have now, but I believe it used to be (and may still be) 4. so I'll use that. 7 groups X 4 officers = 28, plus regionals, 13 positions listed, that totals 41 officers. Thats more than a third of the total populace, which does suggest that a lot of office swapping would be required.

Also consider that the southern Region's losses can probably be attributed in large part to the dissolution of two groups there, Middleford and Tempio. The Southern region thus lost 22% of its groups, but "only" 15% of its populace.

My 2%,

ksullivan6 at cox.net wrote:  One of the stated reasons for the dissolutions in the Western region was retention, so I went to look at the numbers for each region and the kingdom.here is what I found using the data I found on the seneschals web page.
over the last year each region had a net loss of population
Coastal lost .7% of their population
Southern lost 15%
Central lost 2.3%
Western lost 16.3 % 
Northern lost 3.2%
Kingdom overall lost 125 members 3.2% of this 125 Southern lost 73 members Western lost only 22.
'07 v '05, 2 regions had a net gain while the other 3 had a net loss
Coastal gained 6.6%
Northern gained 4.6%
Southern lost 16.2%
Central lost 8%
Western lost 15.6 %
Kingdom lost 2.2%
 Now as the Kingdom only counts subsribing members here are those numbers
'07 v '06
Central lost 3%
Coastal lost 2%
Northern gained 3%
Southern lost 13.3%
Western lost 14%
'07 v '05
Central gained 3.6%
Coastal lost 12.5%
Northern lost 2.7%
Southern lost18.9%
Western lost 22.1% 
Also by the Kingdom regulations for population minimum requirements 
as of 8/1/07 only 2 groups in the kingdom are below the minimum and neither of them are in the groups that are being sanctioned.
  Over all it appears that most of the Kingdom has a problem with retention, and it appears by the numbers that Southern is in the same boat with Western, so why is Western being singled out?
> There have been issues with recruitment, retention, reporting and acceptable
> officer applicant pools for years. This has been the case from the local
> level through the regional offices.
Work hard,keep the ceremonies,live peaceably, and unite your hearts.

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