[Ansteorra] family vs sustaining memberships

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First, the corporate documents say you must have a kingdom newsletter
available to you as in delivered to your address in order to be an officer.
They explicitly allow a lower membership level than subscribing as long as
that is true.

Second, what is a voting member. I don't think there is anything in Corpora
about voting. Some local groups require voting on certain expenditures, but
that is their option. I think you just mean a membership that is counted in
determining the minimum membership of a group.

Caelin on Andrede

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I have a question.   If a family membership is not counted as a voting
member, can an individual who holds a family membership hold an office since
technically they do not receive the blackstar but it comes to their family's

I maintain a sustaining membership,  and am an officer, but if my partner
who is just a family member wishes to hold an office, can he do so, or does
he have to upgrade to a sustaining membership

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