[Ansteorra] Subscribing vs Sustaining (was: Ansteorra Digest, Vol 21, Issue 36)

Chris Zakes dontivar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 07:44:45 PST 2008

At 09:20 AM 1/11/2008, you wrote:

>Says who? Where does SCA law define suscribing 
>as someone who subscribes to the newsletter? 
>Lady Runa posted a dictionary definition that 
>says a subscribers is someone who pays money to 
>an organization or some such. And subscribing 
>memberships are never sold, only sustaining, associate, and family ones are...
>   R th O

I'm afraid he's correct on this one. Right at the 
top of the SCA membership form 
(http://www.sca.org/members/us-mem-form.pdf) it says:

• Sustaining: $35.00 - Subscribing membership; Includes a subscription to your
Kingdom’s newsletter via 3rd class postage.

In the online membership form 
once you enter your name and address, the next screen says:

Membership Type
Sustaining Membership: $35.00 / year
A subscribing membership for those served by U.S. 
Postal Service. Sustaining members receive a 
subscription to their Kingdom's newsletter via 
3rd class postage, and are eligible to hold 
office and any other privileges designated.

But I agree that using "subscribing" and 
"sustaining" interchangably is kind of confusing.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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