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Well, we arrived in June of 07.. just in time to attend the dissolution of 
Middleford.. and our memberships have just come up for renewal.. we have no 
problem with renewal despite all the problems this Kingdom seems to have. We 
came from Drachenwald.. and EVERYTHING was done via the internet because that 
kingdom is spread over Europe, SW Asia and Africa. There is even a group set up 
right in Iraq for SCA for those who deploy. I noticed here that everyone is 
required to MAIL IN (via snail mail) all their reports.. I find that a bit time 
consuming. Even while my husband was in Iraq, he filed our shire's quarterly 
herald reports via email. He even did our own device submissions while in Iraq. 
There was NEVER a requirement to snail mail anything with exception to people 
submitting Names and Devices. And this is a Kingdom where people don't travel 
from state to state or city to city for events.. we travel from COUNTRY TO 
COUNTRY and there are the language barriers. We were in Atlantia prior to 
Drachenwald. And we have come to enjoy the friends we have made here with our 
local peeps (formerly Middleford and others) even with the problems here in the 
Kingdom, we don't plan on letting it stop us from having fun. But, I have to 
admit, it seems like the Kingdom laws for Ansteora need an overhaul with regards 
to Report filings (as too who needs to report and how often) and other 

And just because Middleford is now Kingdom Lands.. we are still located WITHIN 
the Southern Region so I don't see why our numbers should not count within the 
Southern Regions numbers.

Oh, and a few of our friends who came here with my hubby's unit (Unit move) from 
Germany, even with Middleford's dissolution, have actually REGISTERED 
memberships AFTER they arrived.  They did this right before BAM in November. So, 
I don't see a whole lot of members lapsing and we are still getting new member 
interest. They all don't register right away, but I don't see that as a problem.

Just my humble opinion.

Maire O'Halowrane

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It might be interesting to see those numbers toward the middle of 2008.  I
wonder how many of those Crown Lands folks will renew their memberships?

Burkhaven, An Odyssey of Learning
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> Since we're just taking numbers for fun, lets take another look.  The
> Western region had it's high watermark for membeship in January of 2005
> with
> 166 members.  The high water mark for Southern was in 511 in 2005, and the
> current is 383.  That does indeed appear to be a drastic drop.  However,
> it's misleading as the Southern region really did not lose as many members
> as it appears.  From 5/1/06 to 5/1/07 the 60 members of Middleford were
> moved into Crown Lands, and no longer counted in the Southern Region
> total.
> The actual membership lost is more likely from 511 to to around 443 or so
> (and there are probably perhaps even more), so the total southern loss was
> around 68 members.  In the same period, the Western Region loss 60
> members.
> Similar numbers, but  percentagewise, drastic.  1 in 3 people in the
> Western
> region let their membership lapse, and only 1 in 8 members of the Southern
> region let theirs lapse.
> It's a fairly significant difference.
> JP
> On Jan 10, 2008 7:10 PM, <ksullivan6 at cox.net> wrote:
>>  One of the stated reasons for the dissolutions in the Western region was
>> retention, so I went to look at the numbers for each region and the
>> kingdom.here is what I found using the data I found on the seneschals web
>> page.
>> over the last year each region had a net loss of population
>> Coastal lost .7% of their population
>> Southern lost 15%
>> Central lost 2.3%
>> Western lost 16.3 %
>> Northern lost 3.2%
>> Kingdom overall lost 125 members 3.2% of this 125 Southern lost 73
>> members
>> Western lost only 22.
>> '07 v '05, 2 regions had a net gain while the other 3 had a net loss
>> Coastal gained 6.6%
>> Northern gained 4.6%
>> Southern lost 16.2%
>> Central lost 8%
>> Western lost 15.6 %
>> Kingdom lost 2.2%
>>  Now as the Kingdom only counts subsribing members here are those numbers
>> '07 v '06
>> Central lost 3%
>> Coastal lost 2%
>> Northern gained 3%
>> Southern lost 13.3%
>> Western lost 14%
>> '07 v '05
>> Central gained 3.6%
>> Coastal lost 12.5%
>> Northern lost 2.7%
>> Southern lost18.9%
>> Western lost 22.1%
>> Also by the Kingdom regulations for population minimum requirements
>> as of 8/1/07 only 2 groups in the kingdom are below the minimum and
>> neither of them are in the groups that are being sanctioned.
>>  Over all it appears that most of the Kingdom has a problem with
>> retention, and it appears by the numbers that Southern is in the same
>> boat
>> with Western, so why is Western being singled out?
>> > There have been issues with recruitment, retention, reporting and
>> acceptable
>> > officer applicant pools for years. This has been the case from the
>> > local
>> > level through the regional offices.
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