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> To all Members in Ansteorra,
>     I have been reading and trying to find in the "rules' , "by-laws" and
> anything thing else that I could read concerning this desolation of the
> Western Region. There are 4 pages dealing with sanction for 1 person....we
> are talking about a whole division of people  and I only found 1 paragraph
> that comes close to addressing this and it really was not about doing away
> with a Region. In fact, I could not find really anything that states the
> process for doing this or the reasons for doing this.

   The Regions in Ansteorra are an administrative convenience created by the
Kingdom, and they can be created, reorganized and dissolved by the Kingdom
at the will of the Crown, with the approval of the Kingdom Seneschal.   The
Corporation has nothing to do with it.
   Cantons, Shires, Provinces, Baronies, Principalities and Kingdoms are
officially recognized branches of the SCA inc.  It requires an act by by the
BOD to to change the status of one of these branches.  So the disbanding of
the Shires is not official until approved by the BOD, but the dissolution of
the region is done when the Crown says it is done.

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