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Hmmm.... It appears that you're correct... It seems that, at this point, the SCA needs to update it's language so that the same terms are used throughout. 
  Also, our Kingdom needs to decide if the rest of us are members or not... I mean, at this point, a Barony with 30 married couples and 7 singles and misc. children (That would be darn near seventy people) would be counted as 22 people and could lose Baronial status. And in some Baronies, alot of the members are married couples, esp. when you're near military posts/bases. You see the problem here? That's pretty screwy.

Chris Zakes <dontivar at gmail.com> wrote:
  At 09:20 AM 1/11/2008, you wrote:

>Says who? Where does SCA law define suscribing 
>as someone who subscribes to the newsletter? 
>Lady Runa posted a dictionary definition that 
>says a subscribers is someone who pays money to 
>an organization or some such. And subscribing 
>memberships are never sold, only sustaining, associate, and family ones are...
> R th O

I'm afraid he's correct on this one. Right at the 
top of the SCA membership form 
(http://www.sca.org/members/us-mem-form.pdf) it says:

• Sustaining: $35.00 - Subscribing membership; Includes a subscription to your
Kingdom’s newsletter via 3rd class postage.

In the online membership form 
once you enter your name and address, the next screen says:

Membership Type
Sustaining Membership: $35.00 / year
A subscribing membership for those served by U.S. 
Postal Service. Sustaining members receive a 
subscription to their Kingdom's newsletter via 
3rd class postage, and are eligible to hold 
office and any other privileges designated.

But I agree that using "subscribing" and 
"sustaining" interchangably is kind of confusing.

-Tivar Moondragon
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