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I understand what you are saying and appreciate your response. But, I'm
curious. Why *shouldn't* Corporate keep track of how each kingdom counts
their members? If that's where the memberships are being processed,
shouldn't they know what the requirements are? They keep track of everything
else. One would think something as important as membership requirements per
kingdom would be something they'd want to keep track of.

Quick questions, though: Why does Ansteorra have different requirements than
Corporate? Why are the membership requirements not uniform? Wouldn't it be
easier if everything was uniform so that we wouldn't have this problem?
Wouldn't it also be easier to make that membership information readily
available through a link that goes somewhere other than a copyright notice?

I just arrived back to Ansteorra, so maybe things have changed since I left
five and a half years ago. Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Eleanor Cleavely

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But that's only true in Ansteorra (and maybe a few other kingdoms),
not SCA-wide.  Each Kingdom has the right to do what Ansteorra has
done by having more stringent requirements for group status, or to
require membership for different activities (which some do).  It is
not feasible to expect "someone" at corporate to keep track of all
the different kingdom rules and make sure they are all fully
explained and laid out on the corporate membership page.  The
prospective member has to take the responsibility to either read all
the documents or ask questions if they don't understand.


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