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Elizabeth Blackthorne eblackthorne at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 13:49:50 PST 2008

Greetings Eadric,

With the suspension of 5 groups all at once pending a BOD investigation,
before forming opinions about these issues, one should know all the facts.
The problem with this is that very little information about this is coming
out from those who made this decision "for our own good".  I could write
pages about why this is not the case in my group, but that is the only group
I know of, for sure.  Because this was done to us, I have a feeling that
maybe the other groups might be in the same situation.  No one from the west
has stated anything about disolving the region as a reporting entity, I
personally see the reasons behind this were just, we are talking about out
groups.  We have as much information as you do, and you can't speak
definites only maybe's.  What I as a member of one of the suspended groups
want is a clear list of what we are doing wrong, no more side stepping with
the terms "officer burn out" or "for our own good", or "acceptable
canidates".  My group has 10 members, 8 are sustaining which is over the 5
required.  All 10 are core members, meaning they regularly attend meetings
and functions.  I stepped down from office (Seneschal) on 01-01-2008 and
have not been "roped" into another office.  I have applied for one
(Exchequer), but that is because I enjoy holding offices, not because there
is "no one else".  I'm considering applying for Kingdom Seneschal as it is
listed as Accepting Applications instead of Local Exchequer. I'm just not
sure the timing is right for me to be considered based on my merits, not on
the current situation.  I am going to think on it a little while longer(few

L.Elizabeth Blackthorne

On Jan 11, 2008 3:07 PM, Eadric Anstapa <eadric at scabrewer.com> wrote:

> It can be about more than just population counts and a slate of officers
> on the rosters.    It's about having  viable, active, and healthy
> population of officers and populace.
> Lets face it folks can collect funds and purchase memberships to get
> population counts up.  But if the folks whose names are on those
> memberships aren't active and contributing then the raw numbers are just
> a fantasy.
> Likewise you can have a full slate of warranted officers but if those
> officers aren't actually doing anything then that is damaging.  It's
> often  better to have a non-essential office simply be vacant than
> having someone on the roster who isn't doing anything, particularly if
> they are on the roster but are not submitting their reports.  If the
> required officers aren't submitting their reports and paperwork
> regularly, accurately,  and on-time then that is badness and certainly
> grounds for removing people from offices immediately and for dissolving
> groups.
> If the kingdom officers feel that there is evidence that the officer
> pool is not large enough then it is possibly because they cant find
> enough qualified applicants for the jobs or that the ones who are
> applying and being given the positions aren't doing everything they need
> to be doing.
> The health of a branch is about a lot more than just raw numbers or the
> names on a roster.
> Regards,
> -EA

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