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Since this is a Kingdom policy and not an SCA policy, the best they could do
would be to say "benefits and responsibilities of membership may vary by
kingdom and by category of membership" or something like that. Since a whole
raft of things are done by kingdom policy in different kingdoms. You
probably noted in other discussions that you must be a member in some
kingdoms to get awards or to fight. There are many things that each kingdom
decides to add to the basic Society policies. This is one of those. 

The wide range of rules associated with membership makes it very difficult
for the Society to warn you about them all in a site designed to give a
common membership to all kingdoms. You could postulate that there should be
a separate membership page for each kingdom where they could give you a
better idea of what membership means in their kingdom. But that would be
complicated and have a great risk of becoming incorrect due to lack of
timely maintenance.

And there is no need to justify your choice of Associate member. There have
been days when $35 was a big cost to me and I appreciate that you choose to
be a member at whatever level.

Caelin on Andrede

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Good Master,

I understand that the "sustaining" and "subscribing" have been defined. What
I am saying is that they need to be redefined or at least clarified on the
website and SCA literature to indicate that being a "sustaining/subscribing"
member is the only way to be counted for the purpose of a
Baronial/Regional/Kingdom status.

I'm not asking to reinvent the wheel, just that we make sure it is perfectly
clear what that wheel is.

who is an Associate Member because that's what I can afford

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