[Ansteorra] Dissolutions..pop numbers..

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Fri Jan 11 14:12:51 PST 2008

Elizabeth, you are being overly defensive and reading more into my 
message than what I actually wrote.  I was simply pointing out that the 
healthy of a branch is about more than just raw numbers or officers on 
the roster.  There are more factors that have to be considered.

I never wrote that I knew, felt, or had any opinion on the relative 
health of any of the branches involved.  Only that there were other 
factors that had to be considered.



Elizabeth Blackthorne wrote:
> Greetings Eadric,
> With the suspension of 5 groups all at once pending a BOD investigation,
> before forming opinions about these issues, one should know all the facts.
> The problem with this is that very little information about this is coming
> out from those who made this decision "for our own good".  I could write
> pages about why this is not the case in my group, but that is the only group
> I know of, for sure.  Because this was done to us, I have a feeling that
> maybe the other groups might be in the same situation.  No one from the west
> has stated anything about disolving the region as a reporting entity, I
> personally see the reasons behind this were just, we are talking about out
> groups.  We have as much information as you do, and you can't speak
> definites only maybe's.  What I as a member of one of the suspended groups
> want is a clear list of what we are doing wrong, no more side stepping with
> the terms "officer burn out" or "for our own good", or "acceptable
> canidates".  My group has 10 members, 8 are sustaining which is over the 5
> required.  All 10 are core members, meaning they regularly attend meetings
> and functions.  I stepped down from office (Seneschal) on 01-01-2008 and
> have not been "roped" into another office.  I have applied for one
> (Exchequer), but that is because I enjoy holding offices, not because there
> is "no one else".  I'm considering applying for Kingdom Seneschal as it is
> listed as Accepting Applications instead of Local Exchequer. I'm just not
> sure the timing is right for me to be considered based on my merits, not on
> the current situation.  I am going to think on it a little while longer(few
> days).
> L.Elizabeth Blackthorne

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