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Fri Jan 11 12:37:46 PST 2008

If the Kingdom feels that a larger number of people are needed in each group than the Kingdom should put that forward in a Kingdom wide policy statement. This new policy should be applied to every single group in the Kingdom. The groups affected by the new policy should get an individual letters to the populace. The groups should be then given time to get more members. Again if the problem is not having enough officers then the populace should be informed in a open letter or meeting. Relying on officers that are having problems to inform the populace doesn't work
Caelin even Baronies sometimes do not have enough core members. It is only fair to be told that action is going to be taken. One of the groups that is being dissolve has all the members required by current policy and has deputies for each office except for Senechal who took over the office on the first of Jan. and hasn't had time to find a deputy.
The only way people can fix problems is if they have full knowledge of the problems. Also SCA groups are always changing. If a group had a problem five years ago and then has a similar problem today I do not think the past should be held against them. I believe due process should start all over again. I believe if there has been enough time for a change in officers then the new problem should be treated as new. This is assuming the old problem had been fixed.
The problems in the West have a base in a smaller recruitment pool. This is a constant problem but putting groups that are so far apart together is a paperwork solution not a real solution. 
Willow de Wisp

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