[Ansteorra] How to help the West

Pat Mullins paedrics at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 12 22:20:24 PST 2008

This actually makes a lot of sense. One warranted officer and one authorized marshal for fighter practice. They could even be the same person. The marshal could have a family membership, or not even be a paid member.
Maybe they could call themselves Blacklake, (for example) an Outpost (or Mission, or Kumquat, or whatever term currently has no official meaning in the SCA) of the Barony of Bonwicke.
These "outposts" would be totally dependent on the Barony financially,  and could not hold their own calendar events, but otherwise not much need change. The "outposts" could have official fighter practices and guild meetings.They could even continue hosting their own events, but unofficially. No kingdom awards could be given, or kingdom law enacted, but people deserving of kingdom awards could surely receive them at the Barony's events.
Maybe the Barony could even be given a few more Kingdom calendar events. There will never be a competing event in the region, and seldom a competing event within 250 miles, (even if the event is held at an outpost). The Baron and Baroness could make a yearly or biennial (if there are several outposts) progress through their far flung lands.
The only problem I see is if there were several outposts, having enough warranted officer positions to be filled. Is there, or could there be, such a thing as a warranted deputy seneschal?
Expanding on a good idea,

Robert Fitzmorgan <fitzmorgan at gmail.com> wrote:
   Sub-communities within the Barony will not need a treasurer.  If they
have an official Fighter Practice they will need to file waivers, but other
than that there shouldn't be any reports or paperwork.  To have an official
Fighter Practice there will need to be at least one warranted officer
present, but other than that the deputy officers need not be warranted, or
warrantable officers.  The sub-communities will not have their own bank
account, any expenditures would have to be approved by and come from the
official branch.


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