[Ansteorra] Coronation - Thank yous

Deborah Wade rhiannonferchcian at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 13 13:30:16 PST 2008

I want to take a moment to thank some people for the help that I received in the preparation and serving of the Coronation Feast of Their Majesties Aaron and Vanessa.

Your Majesties, thank you for trusting me with the planning, preparation, and presentation of Your Coronation Feast.  

Will, from the Steppes, thannk you for coming in and working all day long your cheerful attitude and willingness to do just about anything was wonderful.  Fergus, Brangwyne, Sara, and Grimver you were all there and worked when your special talents were most needed thank you.

The four teens; Jacqueline, Josephina, Chad and Jacob that stuck it out all day with me.  They were some of the first people on site and among the very last to leave.  They worked all day long chopping spinach, pounding chicken and any number of other tasks that were set before them. Then they cleaned the kitchen while I took a brief break from the kitchen.  

House Falconrose and Baron Tostig were able to take the food from the kitchen to Their Majesties and the populace efficiently and well so that everyone was feed well and in an organized manner.  Thank you.  I can cook but I getting it to the table is another art.  Thank you.

Mistress Dyan made my vision come to life when I tasked her to take two cakes and to complete the transformation into Their Majesties kneeling pillows.

Finally I would like to thank three Lions of Ansteorra, Countess Tessa, Count Simon, and Don Robin, the senior Rose, Knight and Don present, Baroness Druine and my Cadet Brothers and Sisters for helping to make the presentation of the final remove Special.  I know that Their Majesties were pleased with your efforts and I hope that you all enjoyed helping with the presentation.

Rhiannon ferch Cian

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