[Ansteorra] Brass hat

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Sun Jan 13 13:56:58 PST 2008

I don't' think I am to upset about the term Brass hats because most of us wear brass. I think it might be a good reminder that we are make believe nobility existing in the "historical reality" of a mundane club. When we are working in the organization the SCA our hats really don't mean a thing. Of all the "brass hats" only the Crown is also an officer with powers. 
I think people are taking the SCA to seriously. It is a club to study history and have fun and learn. It is not a life style or and religion or life code. When we make it into something deeper than a way to study history we can fall into many traps
The first one being , the SCA as a life style. When the SCA becomes a way of life then there is no difference between our mundane life and our society life and our life in the recreation game. When that happens people start judging our behavior in everyday life. For example many people have had problems in their marriages. In the game of the Kingdom of Ansteorra this is not proper for us to comment on because these things fall into people's private mundane life. It is also improper to involved these thing into the running of the Mundane organization the SCA. But if we are talking about a code of life or "living the SCA" we are talking about applying this code to everything we do. I personally have fought against this. I think when we expect  peers and nobles to live up to medieval values in their private life then we have gone too far. 
I think we need to go back to stressing history and recreation of pre-17th century events as a way of studying history and get out of the philosophy business. 

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