[Ansteorra] not membership, but events smaller

Charlene Charette clclists1 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 14 02:00:29 PST 2008

lambdakennels1 at juno.com wrote:
> I believe some of the perception that membership in the SCA is
> declining is because events are smaller than they used to be.  As
> many have mentioned, there are events every weekend now, sometimes
> two or even three a weekend.  It is very difficult to attend each
> event.  This is especially true with rising gasoline prices.  In the
> almost three years I have been in the SCA, I have seen events grow
> smaller as gasoline prices have risen.  I would not be able to attend

When we say events are getting smaller, we mean a longer time period 
than just three years.  When I joined in 1990, Stargate was hosting five 
to six events a year; baronies are now restricted to two a year.  Some 
events that five years ago were getting 300+ people are barely getting 
150 today.  The decline was happening before gas prices went crazy.


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